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While I received a BS in Accounting,  a Masters in Business and a License in Real Estate/Investment, I realized my true passion was trying to help myself and my community to live healthy lifestyles.


My goal is to help tackle this epidemic and crisis of obesity, while finding preventative methods to combat illnesses (versus traditional medicine which is just a bandage for the real underlying issue).


After finally taking a stance with my own health challenges, I chose alternative options. I was tired of taking medications since it was making me feel worse.


I am proud to say that I have been on this health journey since 2011 and am certified in Iridology, holistic health coaching and am a die-hard believer of alternative medicine.

For more information on this awesome living and/or for a FREE health consultation, please feel free to contact me.  

I look forward to helping you find your health journey too!!

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Sherina W.

Blogger, Holistic Coach, Healthy Living Fanatic :)

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