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For my husband's birthday, I asked him, "If there was one thing that you could have for your birthday dinner, what would it be?" My sister thought he was going say a big juicy steak dinner. Instead of steak, he told me he wanted shrimp ceviche.

Now, I could have taken him to a nice sit down restaurant and got his ceviche; but me being me, I decided it would mean more to him, if I actually made it. The process was really easy. I prepared majority of the dish in the morning,  left for a while and finished it when I got back.


Needless to say he and my son devoured it... :)

In the end, he was super shocked and appreciative that I took out the time to make his favorite dish. On top of  all that, the dish was actually very healthy and comparable to the resturants.  

Click on the image below for the recipe!

More "Side Dish" options to come... 

Healthy "Side Dish" Recipes  

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