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Healthy "Oh So Savory Dish" Recipes  

My friend told me about a dish that had black beans, mixed veggies and quinoa. When she gave me a sample to taste, it was really good; so I decided I was going to make it when I got home. The only thing was I couldn't find the recipe. As I was searching, I came across the below recipe and decided it was close enough, why not... so I made it instead.


It was one of my best mistakes, as it's now one of my go to dishes in my house.  It's very easy to make and has a powerhouse of proteins, from the black beans and quinoa. It also has some awesome hidden nutrients from the onions, garlic, and herbs/seasonings in the recipe.


Try this one and tell me what you think. 

Click on the image below for the recipe!

More "Savory Dish" options to come... 

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