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Healthy "Simply Sweet Dish" Recipes  

For my son's 2nd birthday, I knew I didn't want to buy a store bought cake full of refined sugar. I have been trying to keep my kids away from all forms of dairy, especially since their doctor advised me to.


My family and friends were coming over, I had to prepare food and I was running out time to make a cake. I searched online for a vegan cake and I saw one... the title said "Vegan Basic Vanilla Cake". To me this was perfect... anything that says "basic" wouldn't take long to make... YES! My son of course wanted to help. 


As I was making the cake, my son decided he wanted to put his touch on it. I supposed he thought  we needed more water in the cake without my knowledge. NOOOO...  the amount he added was more than a cup full (I don't even know where he got that cup, hmmm). Kids, you gotta love them. I tried to get as much out, but I couldn't and since time was ticking, I just kept going.


The funny thing about it, was when everyone ate the cake,  they were surprised  at how moist and yummy it was. They didn't even realize it was vegan! So in the end, my son added his touch to his cake and made it specially great. 


 I did make a few changes with this recipe: I used brown sugar instead of white sugar, spelt flour instead of unbleached all-purpose flour, olive oil instead of canola oil and to my surprise (my son's pure genius), I now add more water! : )    

Click on the image below for the recipe!

More "Simply Sweet Dish" options to come... 

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